Drips 27 March 2010

More promising avenues for reflection have opened up. Continue to expect little on this channel.

  • When America isn’t there, the conversation flows, reports Anthony Barnett: “I found this made it all the more challenging. How can I put this diplomatically? For the first time I found myself at an international seminar without an American participant. I love the States, its rhythms and preoccupations are part of my imaginative make up (as is its current preoccupation with what Obama faces). But Americans assume, naturally, that the crises of their democracy matters to everyone. They pose their problems as the centre of the debate. Without this presumption another, more interesting one filled the room: what is the future of Indian democracy as a world example?”
  • A PhD scholarship in surveillance studies with the Open University sounds peachy.
  • And a picture I liked:


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